Samples of my live storytelling.

I'm a Singing Cowboy...really?

Who knows what roles we will play in this life, just be ready to say, "YES!" 

Man Who Loved Dragons

Norm's version of a folktale from China found in Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald's book, Three Minute Tales.

Winnie the Pooh

Am I a good dad?  This is a little story about Norm's son Nicolas. 

The Elk

Norm tells a personal story about being a reluctant hunter and his bond with his brother. 

Bear Girl

 Norm's version of the Scandanavian folktale "Christina's Bell." Performed at the Hipbone Studio in Portland, OR, December 13, 2013.


Norm tells his personal tale of his love of baseball and a family picnic that leads to an unexpected connection with his father.